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Nina Karim van Oort (1991) studied Fine Arts at ArtEZ in Arnhem and graduated in 2015 from the Dutch Film Academy with the short documentary JOYLAND (2015), Premiere: Netherlands Film Festival (2015). The same year she directed the short documentary IN NAME OF PUCK (2015).

For me, the essence of documentary filmmaking lies in revealing human vulnerability. When major changes occur, when someone’s "life foundation" seems to fall apart, people lower their guard. This is when I feel a real connection can be made; between me and the characters, between the character and the viewer. By offering a stage for vulnerability I hope to bring people closer together, to create recognition and a form of mildness; towards the other, in the choices other people make even if we disagree with them, and towards ourselves.
How people find their faith after great doubt moves me. Therefore you could say my films are almost always about hope or the search for hope.
As a filmmaker I do not believe in a fixed reality. For me, the creative process is a constant interaction. New realities arise in the contact between me, the creative choices that I make and the characters.


In the past years Nina made several films in which she collaborated with the HUMAN, NPOdoc and realized the short documentary 'A club called Willpower' as part of the Teledoc Campus course.

In the future she hopes to develop herself, next to documentary film,  in other forms of media such as photography and performative art. As a result she made the photo series Mom and I that was published in the online magazine Hard // Hoofd on nov. 2017.



A club called Willpower (2018)

Joyland (2015)

In name of Puck (2015)

The Carpenter (2014)



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